Preflight Your Jumpseat!

JumpAlert uniquely solves the problem of Jump Seaters being left behind at the gate.

  • Only Airline Pilots

    An App exclusively designed for Airline Pilots. Only an Airline Pilot using the App can give a referral code to another Airline Pilot.

  • Intelligent Design

    The AirlinePilot App detects your location with your device’s GPS and will only show Jump Seaters and Restaurants at that airport.

  • Create ``JumpAlerts``

    When you create a JumpAlert, pilots at that airport can see that you need a ride.  Your JumpAlert remains visible for 3 hours then self deletes.

  • Beautiful Logbook

  • Created by Airline Pilots

    We understand Airline Pilots and Jump Seating.  Created by Airline Pilots for Airline Pilots.  Don’t leave your jump seaters behind! See who needs a ride.

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